LinHart is sought out by the boards and ultimate decision makers of large-scaled family business, state-owned enterprises and listed companies at critical junctures of their leadership and business transitions.

Align Board/Owners with Management

LinHart helps bridge the gaps that often exists in objectives, aspirations and assumptions between and among board/owners and executives compounded by behaviors over time that crystallized into suboptimal dynamics.

Improve Senior Leader’s Trajectory

LinHart helps leaders aim for more holistic success, relieve self-constraints, learn new skills/behaviors including influencing stakeholders. We also enlist the support of sponsors and stakeholders in the changes.

Enhance Top Team Dynamics

LinHart helps executives in “teams” search for true common ground in purpose, propensity (e.g., likes/dislikes) and protocols. The aim is to improve productivity, personal growth and satisfaction individually and collectively.

Mobilize Pivotal Change Leaders

LinHart helps CEO and top teams engage pivotal change leaders and channel their energy towards the desired change. Typically this involves aligning their personal values/identities to that of the organization and shaping the organization’s culture.

Information on LinHart’s Approach.