Everyone is a Leader

Leadership is the force that causes a person or organization to go beyond its normal performance to create a breakthrough. Leadership challenges require the leader to step up and out into the realm of unknown – unfamiliar or uncertain or both. Every adult has a chance to lead and be led in life and business.

Story Corner

Few would dispute that Churchill was a leader. But not many would know that before and after the WW II, Churchill was not successful at trying to be accepted as a leader. WW II was his unique opportunity. It came at the right time, and he rose to the occasion.

“To be a successful leader, qualities matter as much as skill – ability to withstand pressure, perseverance, learning mindset, passion, drive, and have a sense of purpose.”

Tsun-yan Hsieh

LINHART GROUP Chairman and Lead Counselor

“Leaders come in many forms, with many styles and diverse qualities. There are quiet leaders and leaders one can hear in the next county. Some find strength in eloquence, some in judgment, some in courage.”

John W. Gardener

Advisor to US Presidents

Everyone is a Leader

by John W. Gardener
by Bill George
by Daniel Goleman


  • What opportunity(s) in your life do you have to be a leader today?
  • What mindset holds you back from being a (better) leader?
  • How are you pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone?