Ker Fong Kwee

Associate Counselor

As Associate Counselor, Ker Fong supports LinHart’s programs on management communication and leadership coaching.

While in university, he was a counselor and lead trainer for an anonymous peer counseling service, and taught skills related to client-centered therapy and suicide intervention to hundreds of students. In doing so, he uncovered his passion for teaching and supporting the personal development of others. Although he originally intended to pursue a career in hospitality real estate, he eventually chose a profession which would allow him to meaningfully connect with others and create lasting change in their lives. He is excited to begin his career at LinHart, and to apply the emotional support skills he has developed to help others become better leaders.

Ker Fong has worked in in the hospitality, finance, and real estate sectors in both Singapore and the United States. He graduated with distinction from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration with minors in psychology and real estate.